Does your hair, face and body feel dry even though you put a moisturizer on? 

Maybe you need a hydrating spray to wake things up abit. Our earthy scented Waken all-in-one Spray is amazing for adding hydration to your dry, flakey feeling skin, dry dull hair and irritated oily/dry/combination face. This spray has amazing benefits for the skin such as:antifungal, antibacterial, skin/wound healing, anit-inflammatory, improving acne, tightens skin, soothing eczema and  athlete's foot. When it comes to the hair,this spray will, stimulate hair follicles, improve dandruff, add shine, and seal in moisture. Due to having vegetable glycerin which acts as a humectant ( binds moisture together and seals it in), this spray is great for those who have dry skin due to lack of moisture lock. No essential oils added, just wild, handcrafted herbs to help improve the overall look and feel of your skin and hair.   


Waken all-in-one Spray

  • Distilled water

    Vegtable Glycerin

    Lavender herbs

    Rosemary herbs 

    Sage herbs