Yoni Detox Pearls

These yoni pearls are a spiritual healing experience for cleansing the womb.These pearls are effective in maintaining the female reproductive system which prepares a clean place for helping women consume and remove mucus and yeast from the womb. These pearls are all vegan, holistic and vegan. Made with some of the best herbs and spices to help improve the womb. Yoni detox pearls will help you improve your sex life, your spiritual life and overall health of the womb. If you are looking for a cleanse to rid your womb of yeast, fibroids,cyst,mucus, bacteria, your ex or any other issues which hinders the womb.

Yoni Detox Pearls

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  • Borneol: Relieves pain

    Pseudo-ginseng: Improves debility

    Ligusticum wallichii: Improves abdominal disease, heavy menses and menstrual disorders 

    Frankincense:Improves pain 

    Myrrh: Effective against abdominal mass and abdominal disease 

    Red-rooted salvia:Effective against depression and headaches 

    Safflower:Effective against blood clots,menstrual disorders and abdominal mass 

    Peach kernel:Effective against intestinal disease, menstrual disorders, poor blood circulation 

    Polygonum cuspidatum:Effective against pain

    Peony tree:Difficulty with menses  

    Radices saussureae:Abdominal disease 

    Lignum santali albi:Highly effective against gonorrhea and urinary tract infection

    Rhizoma cyperi: Effective against indigestion

    Radix: Highly effective against menopause, menstrual disorder, reproductive disorder