Calming Herbal Tea Blend
This tea is amazing for calming down the nervous system. If you were looking for a tea that relaxes you, promotes sleepiness, calm and ease his anxiety while also tasting amazing than this tea is for you. Made with fresh dried herbs and flowers to give you the full affect of a calming night. This tea helps lower blood pressure, improve vision, regulate menstrual cycle, improves bloodflow circulation,relax muscles, improves respiratory issues, assist with heart health, is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, reduce pain,boost immune system,manages diabetes,relieves stress and so much more. This is the perfect tea to drink before bed to get you in a calm and relaxing state. 

Calming Herbal Tea Blend

  • 11 medium size tea bags

    Valerian root

    Jasmine flower



    Rose buds

    Chrysanthemum flower