We believe that sometimes less is more and when it comes to our amazing break free oil, we agree. We have made an oil that has been proven by many customers to rid the skin of eczema and inflamed skin. This oil restores the skin cells that have been damaged due to scratching because of eczema and dry, cracked skin. Made with neem oil which is one of the best oils for fungi, bacteria and redness. Neem has an acquired smell, but due to our blending properties, we have made this oil appealing while keeping the amazing properties of the neem. Also our amazing black seed oil helps with dry, damaged, devitalized skin. This oil is suitable for those with sensitive skin.


Break Free Moisturizer

    • (Azadirachta Indica) Neem oil 
    • (Ribes nigrum) Black seed oil
    • (Cannabis sativa) Hemp Seed oil
    • (Prunus Dulcis) Sweet almond oil
    • Botancial oils