Such a beautiful event.

These beautiful pictures don’t truly capture the feeling that was felt while everyone was gathered together during this event.

When we created Sense.of.Self, we knew that we wanted to create a business which was more than just skin care. We knew we wanted to bring people together. We knew we wanted to embody LOVE,LIGHT and GREAT VIBES.

This event allowed us to share who we are and what we value with our customers and individuals who didn’t mind sharing their light with others.

To have so much LIGHT in Nicholas Brooklyn, which is a historically BLACK-OWNED store was truly amazing.

I had found out that I was the FIRST person whom had EVER done such an event like this within the store. I was humbled and grateful that I have opened the door for others to walk through.

We aim to carry this tradition and have our 3rd Annual event this December as well.

With much love and appreciation. 

Thank you.