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Why should you know the comedogenic rating of oils?


The comedogenic rating of oils gives you an idea of what oils will have a high chance of clogging your pores. 

As we know the skin on your face versus the skin on your legs is much more sensitive and delicate; meaning what may clog your pores on your face, will be great for your overall body.

Oils high in oleic acid will highly clog your face but will work wonders on your body by keeping your skin soft, hydrated and smooth.

The rating

Comedogenic rating 1 : Very low chance of clogging pores

Comedogenic rating 2 :Some people could break out, majority wont

Comedogenic rating 3 : Depending on skin type, there could be some breaking out 

Comedogenic rating 4 : Higher chance of clogging pores

Comedogenic rating 5 : People who usually use this oil have broken out on their face

Most common used oils 

Sweet almond oil :1

Avocado oil:2-3

Coconut oil:4

Shea oil:0-2

Mango butter:2

Castor oil:1

Rose hip seed oil:1

Hemp seed oil:0


Argan oil :0

Apricot oil:2

Calendula oil:1

Evening primrose oil:2

Emu oil:0

Grapeseed oil:1

Jojoba oil :2

Safflower oil:0

Olive oil : 2