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Our Mission

To formulate vegan products which are cost-effective, enticing to the senses and serves the demands of individuals - one smile and one product at a time. 

Our Values 

Our values are set on grounded principals such as do everything with a smile, imagine big, work smart and keep it ethical. With these values we are sure to bring satisfaction to all whom we encounter. 

Ceo & Founder

Meet Shayla 

Some words which might describe such a beautiful soul are: funny, intelligent and loving. Sense.of.Self came to her when she had just lost her job. She experienced fear, nervousness and loss of hope. Yet in that time of feeling despair, she heard a whisper from Spirit saying “sell something”.

Well, the rest is history. With guidance from some amazing individuals, Shayla was able to create what you see before your very eyes. She has looked within to find answers to questions about the skin and body in order to ENHANCE not CHANGE how people look and feel.

Shayla became vegan and aimed to inspire amazing products which are also vegan, cruelly-free, paraben free and free of harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Her goal is to remind and educate people that HEALTH is WEALTH.

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